Submerging in the beauty of High Deserts of Southeast Oregon


Hotel: $142 ($45×2+$52, Sleep Inn, Bend and Super 8, Baker City)
Car Rental: $252 (four days, luxurious Ford Expedition 4×4 for 6 people)

Average cost per person: ~$150 (4 days total). This included a luxurious car and upper mid-scale hotel.

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36 hours in New York: Without a definite plan

The trip plan

Flight: $180 roundtrip (SEA-JFK direct on Delta)
Hotel: $120(3 people,Holiday Inn, expensive because of the New York Marathon)
Car Rental: $24 (one day, required because I have to drive to East Orange and back at night)

Average cost per person: ~$250. Could have been cheaper if I didn’t have to rent a car. Continue reading

24 hours at Niagara Falls: Part 2- Braving Bad weather

Niagara by night by Angik Sarkar on

Niagara by nightAngik Sarkar

Key Takeaways and Tips

a. If you can stay on the Canadian side, hotels are much cheaper.
b. If you have never been to the falls before, definitely budget more time than you think you might need. Staring at the power of the falls is an amazing experience. However, I think 24 hours is enough to visit Niagara Falls if you cannot go to the Canadian side.
c. Do not miss the Maid of the Mist, Cave of the Winds trip and a chance to see the lighting at Niagara by night is possible. There is a spot at Maid of the Mist docks where you can get close to the American Falls and feel its fury, similar to Cave of the Winds.
d. Parking at Cave of the Winds is $10 but free in the evenings and on Sunday. You can probably save that by parking on the street.
e. Niagara Pass Discovery Pass can be a good buy if you value your time. You definitely overpay compared to simply buying tickets for the Cave of the Winds, Maid of the Mist and Trolley ride. However, it saves you the hassle of buying tickets at every attraction.
f. Best view of the Horseshoe falls from the American side is from the viewing platform above Maid of the Mist. Continue reading

24 hours at Niagara Falls: Part 1-Planning

The trip plan


Airfare: Portland to Buffalo (~$750 roundtrip for 3 people)
Hotel: Swiss Cottage Inn~$100 (shared by 4)
Car Rental$20
Parking: $10

Trolley: $6

Average cost per person~$290 per person+ hotel. Can be cheaper if planned in advance. Continue reading