36 hours in New York: Without a definite plan

The trip plan

Flight: $180 roundtrip (SEA-JFK direct on Delta)
Hotel: $120(3 people,Holiday Inn, expensive because of the New York Marathon)
Car Rental: $24 (one day, required because I have to drive to East Orange and back at night)

Average cost per person: ~$250. Could have been cheaper if I didn’t have to rent a car.


Delta had a sale for about 3 hours where they were selling seats on their nonstop flights on Seattle-New York flight for ~$180. That is a crazy price from the west coast and I jumped immediately. The ~9600 Alaska miles I would get for this flight would almost cover my flight expenses.


I booked a hotel out in New Jersey because I have to drive to a friend’s wedding anyway. Could have been cheaper if I had booked early.

The (un)plan

I realized three days ago, I had booked myself a trip to New York for this weekend. I have been too busy to make plans. That is normally fine for a long trip. However, to make the most of a short 24 or 36 hour trip, I firmly believe that one has to have a definite plan and then deviate from it if required. You might have seen that for my previous trips, I had hour by hour plan and then went about my way devoting much more time to some attractions and cutting off others.

But the point is, I am leaving tonight, and i don’t have a definite plan yet. I spent the last 15 mins pouring through various links and guides. Part of the problem is that I don’t want to go to all the touristy sites and want to spend at least one day in one of the boroughs. I chose Brooklyn and made some hasty plan.

On Sat, I planned to spend time around the Brooklyn Heights/Prospect Park area. Here the list I made: Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn Bridge Park, BLDG 92, Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn Flea and Brooklyn Museum. I am sure I wouldn’t have time to visit all of these. In the evening I plan to see a Broadway show and then go to a friend’s wedding.

On Sun, I plan to use the Bank of America free museums to visit the Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim museum and the New York historical society museum. If I get bored, I would roam about central park or if time permits walk the high line.

I would love to hear suggestions on what to see and where to eat. Is there some way I can make my trip more efficient? As always I write an update with how I spent my time and how I think the time would have been better spent.


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